With four kids under the age of 6, divide and conquer is the name of the game.

That’s exactly what my husband and I did at the dentist recently. As I was getting my teeth cleaned, my husband stepped out for diaper duty. Unfortunately for him, this dirty job became a more embarrassing trip to the restroom than he’d anticipated. And not because of a nasty blowout. When my husband asked where he could find a changing table, he was directed to prop a door open while using a small women’s restroom. 


Because of a simple but very common problem. Many places of business have a baby changing station in just one restroom — and it’s not the men’s.  

Perspective: Women are having to get creative about child care. But what happens when they can’t?

We can do better for all parents. Men are very capable and willing and sometimes the only ones available to change a diaper. Diaper duty is not exclusive to women.

If you’re a business owner, please consider installing a baby changing station in every restroom. If you’re a customer or patron somewhere and notice a missing changing table, mention it to the owner. Together we can help fill that missing gap in the men’s room decor.

Bethany Bartholomew 

Spanish Fork