Madison is an intern on the Utah In-Depth Team covering multiple topics from national to state news. She just graduated from Brigham Young University in April of 2022 and enjoys story telling. In her free time you’ll find her hiking, cooking or interior designing.

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American veteran and civilian contractor Mark Frerichs was freed from Taliban imprisonment in Biden administration prisoner swap.
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The two women respected each other, and the complications of their relationship were most likely from the strained marriage of Diana and Charles.
Hulu’s most likely nominees are are “Dopesick” starring Michael Keaton and “The Dropout” starring Amanda Seyfried.
One of the two main suspects in a mass stabbing spree in Canada died after undergoing “medical distress” shortly after being detained.
The woman, whose name was not released, was snorkeling off the coast of Nassau in Green Cay.
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Tolkien is one of the most popular fiction authors of all time. His “Lord of The Rings” film trilogy ruled Hollywood a decade ago and was followed by three films based on “The Hobbit.”
The Facebook founder says he didn’t get into the tech business to censor people but to help them connect.