Now that the April 8 total solar eclipse is in the rear-view mirror, you may be wondering what to do with your eclipse glasses.

Most people probably throw them away, but scientists want you to know that there are ways your eclipse glasses can still be used.

Here are three options to consider.

Reuse them

If you bought new solar eclipse glasses this year, here’s some good news: As long as they aren’t damaged, you can reuse your eclipse glasses during future solar eclipses.

The Washington Post reports that newer solar eclipse glasses (made after 2015) can be used forever as long as there are no scratches, punctures or other damage to the lenses.

Similarly, CNN reported that newer solar eclipse glasses follow the safety standard ISO 12312-2, so they can be reused, whether later this year in South America or in 2045 in Utah.

Kerry Hensley, deputy press officer for the American Astronomical Society deputy press officer, told CNN, “It’s best to store eclipse glasses away from anything sharp that could scratch or puncture the filters, and if there’s any doubt about the safety of your glasses by the time of the next eclipse, it’s best to discard the glasses and get a new pair.”

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Donate them

Did you know that there are organizations that will take your solar eclipse glasses and give them to countries in need?

One such organization is Astronomers Without Borders, which has been collecting used solar eclipse glasses since 2008 and redistributing them worldwide, according to Time magazine. They accept donations at all Warby Parker retail locations.

Another organization you can donate your eclipse glasses to is Eclipse Glasses USA. You have to mail in your eclipse glasses to Eclipse Glasses USA, but if you do, your eclipse glasses will be sent to schools in Latin America to be used later this year for the “ring of fire” eclipse that will occur, per CNN.

Recycle them

If you prefer to dispose of your eclipse glasses, know that some parts of your glasses can be recycled.

Time magazine reports that you can recycle the arms of the glasses since those are made of cardboard, but the lenses must be thrown away in the garbage.